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Donald Zaldin, BSI, ASH: The Sherlockian Durbar Room of Arthur Conan Doyle

Donny Zaldin is a member of The Bootmakers of Toronto (The Sherlock Holmes Society of Canada), the Baker Street Irregulars, The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Over the past quarter-century, he has contributed as author and editor to numerous Sherlockian books, journals and websites (including Canon Law , the Sherlock Holmes Journal , the Baker Street Journal , Canadian Holmes , The Magic Door , and “” He is a retired barrister-at-law and is married to his own “certain gracious lady,” Barbara Rusch, with whom he shares six children and fifteen grandchildren.  ---------------------- The colonial history and geography of the British Empire provided recurring “canon fodder” for locales and characters in the adventures, exploits and memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Foreign countries included America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and India.   This essay details and examines Conan Doyle’s references to India  and “all things In